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Lisa-Torres-yellow-smilesI’m so excited to play a House Concert for you!

These intimate shows are some of my favorite experiences as a performer. And they’re really easy to plan:

1. You invite all of the people you want to entertain.
2. They come, eat, drink, and listen.
3. I play my songs and chat with everyone.

Great times had by all!  And, no stage or amplification is necessary.


  • Within an hour drive from Nashville, a crowd of 20-30 people who pay a suggested donation of ~$10 will cover my expenses. But some hosts prefer to just pay a flat fee.
  • Where more travel is required, the fees will reflect the higher expense of travel.  But, I am open and happy to work within any budget to make it happen!
  • Ideally, I can book several house concerts in the same geographic region to cut costs for everyone.

Which brings us to the next step:

Let me know if you have a particular date, month, or timeframe in mind.

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Preferred Date, Month, Season?

Any questions?

These spots fill up fast and I want it to be perfect for you and your guests.

Can’t wait for your House Concert!

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