About Bein Gone – New Album Out Now!

You know my song “Get A Little Lonesome?”
That was written by Liz Rose and Morgane Hayes. Liz wrote almost ALL of Taylor Swifts songs. And anything by Morgane is amazing!

Well…they also wrote my new song “Bein Gone.”

I’ve always loved this song for the unique perspective of the person doing the breaking up. It shows the compassion this woman has for the heart she has broken.



  • Recorded with the Grammy nominated producer and musicians behind Lady Antebellum, Taylor Swift, and Randy Houser!
  • New songs by Lisa & the writers of your favorite songs by LeAnn Rimes, Blake Shelton, and Tim McGraw!
MP3s $5.99
+ Mp3s delivered immediately!
Signed CD $9.99
+ Signed CD!
+ Mp3s delivered immediately!


30% Off – BOXSET MP3s $14.99
+ New album By Sundown!
+ Just Right including #2 single “Car That Runs!”
+ Lisa’s debut album On My Way!
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30% Off – BOXSET Signed CDs $19.99
+ New album By Sundown Signed CD!
+ Just Right CD including #2 single “Car That Runs!”
+ Lisa’s debut CD On My Way!
+ Mp3s delivered immediately!

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